Class Descriptions



Pole dancing is an art form combined of dance and acrobatics performed on a vertical bar. Beginner students learn all of the basics with some basic spins, poses, climbs and choreography and as students progress they will learn inverted moves.  Pole is a great workout as you start building strength and endurance from the very first lesson.


Aerial Hoop


Aerial hoop (also known as lyra) is an aerial art performed in a large metal ring suspended from the ceiling.  It is traditionally a circus discipline, where balances and acrobatic tricks are performed underneath, inside and above the hoop.  In this class you will start by learning basic moves to help build your strength and improve your flexibility and coordination.  The small classes allow for plenty of time on the hoop and promote a supportive and friendly atmosphere where you can have fun and celebrate each others’ successes.


Static Trapeze

Static trapeze (also known as fixed trapeze) is an aerial art performed on a bar suspended from two ropes.  Tricks are performed underneath the bar, on the bar and on the ropes.  At Phases we have two lengths of trapeze so that we can either focus on bar work or on rope work.  It is a visually stunning discipline that trains strength, flexibility, coordination and elegance.  The classes are small and friendly so students get lots of time on the trapeze and everyone supports each other.


Aerial Silks

Aerial silks is the most challenging aerial art offered at Phases.  Aerial silks is a circus discipline performed on two lengths of fabric suspended from the ceiling.  It combines strength and flexibility to perform some truly amazing static poses, wraps and drops.



Postural problems are becoming increasingly common with modern lifestyles.  People are slumped over computers for hours on end causing back and neck problems.  Sitting down for hours causes leg muscles to shorten and tighten making them stiff and painful.  But what can we do to fight these problems?

Regularly stretching can help ease aching muscles and reverse the effects of modern lifestyles, or at the very least prevent the problems from getting worse.  Improving your posture will also help with breathing problems as it can help open up the chest.

Regular stretching can also help psychologically and improve sleep as it can help relax the body and mind, as well as the muscles.  Releasing muscle tension and improving posture can help you sleep in a more comfortable position, improving sleep quality.

In this class our certified stretch and flexibility instructor will lead you through stretches which will help improve posture, increase flexibility and aid with relaxation, all in a friendly and fun environment.